Magnesium brick

Magnesia brick is an alkaline refractory brick made of magnesia as the main component and periclase as the main crystal phase. Its magnesium oxide content is 91%-97%. Magnesium bricks have high refractoriness, and have good corrosion resistance to iron oxides, alkaline slag and high-calcium fluxes.

The main component of magnesia bricks is magnesia, and the main crystal is periclase, which accounts for 80%-90% of the mass of magnesia bricks. Its matrix compounds are magnesium ferrite, magnesium aluminum spinel, forsterite, calcium forsterite, etc.

Magnesium brick Application:

Magnesia bricks are widely used in steelmaking furnace linings, ferroalloy furnaces, and mixed iron furnaces in the iron and steel industry due to their good high temperature performance and strong resistance to alkaline slag; non-ferrous metallurgical industrial furnaces, such as copper, lead, zinc, and Sid furnace linings; building materials Industrial lime kiln; regenerator lattice body and heat exchanger in glass industry; high-temperature calcining kiln, shaft kiln and tunnel kiln in refractory industry, etc.

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Magnesium Brick



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