Covering Agent

Features of Covering Agent:

1. Insulation effect is good, the molten steel temperature drop is less than 0.5 ℃ / min.
2. Proportion of it is small, adding no steel splash, operating environment is good, pollution-free, safe, no adverse effects on the quality of molten steel.
3. Round particles, swimming is good, after the release was loose state, good spread, can quickly cover the full range of molten steel, adding no dust flying, do not pollute the environment.
4. No crust phenomenon after pouring.

How to Use Covering Agent

1.After the molten aluminum is melted, sprinkling the covering agent can greatly reduce the burnt of aluminum liquid.
2.Used for slag removal after melt casting and refining, sprinkling with a covering agent can reduce the burning loss of aluminum liquid on the surface, and at the same time prevent the re-inhalation of refined aluminum liquid.
3.For the large-scale furnace with dozens of tons, the spraying agent is used to spray the covering agent to ensure uniformity.


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