Covering Agent

Covering Agent Introduction:

Covering agent adopts the composite carbon, free carbon technology to improve itself refractoriness, which makes this products with longer insulation time, small capacity, good spread porosity, and small termal conductivity, and the net rate is even more than 90%. Also, dust float rate is small, and this material don’t bond to the furnace lining, especially for those high alkaline magnesia based, calcium magnesia based covering agent. They have good effect in absorbing impurity for the alkaline magnesia and magnesia calcium type furnace lining in the processs of casting super low carbon clean steel, thus to improve the slag’s stability and guarantee the steel quality.



Features of Covering Agent are as follows:

1. Insulation effect is good, the molten steel temperature drop is less than 0.5 ℃ / min.
2. Proportion of it is small, adding no steel splash, operating environment is good, pollution-free, safe, no adverse effects on the quality of molten steel.
3. Round particles, swimming is good, after the release was loose state, good spread, can quickly cover the full range of molten steel, adding no dust flying, do not pollute the environment.
4. No crust phenomenon after pouring.

Covering Agent Advantages

1.A dense protective layer can be formed to reduce the involvement of gas.
2.Reduce the metal loss caused by the liquid surface being oxidized.
3.It has the advantages of a moderate melting point, good fluidity and good coverage.
4.The dosage is small, the cost is low, and the metal content in the formed slag is very low.
5.Insulation covering agent is made of low thermal conductivity material composition, such as: expanded perlite, expanded graphite.
6.In addition to the low thermal conductivity material, by adding a certain percentage of the heating material, and under the heat of the metal liquid, the oxidant provides oxygen to oxidize the reducing agent and prolong the solidification time of the metal liquid in the riser.
7.In the case of different insulation covering agent, the mouth shrinks into a “dish-shaped flat or hemispherical bottom, which is shaped like a U-shaped throat.

How to Use Covering Agent

1.After the molten aluminum is melted, sprinkling the covering agent can greatly reduce the burnt of aluminum liquid.
2.Used for slag removal after melt casting and refining, sprinkling with a covering agent can reduce the burning loss of aluminum liquid on the surface, and at the same time prevent the re-inhalation of refined aluminum liquid.
3.For the large-scale furnace with dozens of tons, the spraying agent is used to spray the covering agent to ensure uniformity.

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