Coil Grout

Coil grout is widely used due to its characteristics. It has high strength and is highly insulating, which can protect the coil of coreless induction furnace. Because of its good viscosity, it is easy to apply and modify. After modification, a smooth surface will be formed, which can buffer the expansion of the lining and prevent the leakage of molten metal and prevent the coil from being broken down. It has a certain degree of refractoriness, which can protect the coil from deformation and damage to the coil when the furnace lining is removed.coil grout is used in many furnaces and has a wide range of applications.

Coil Grout Functions:

1. It has good insulation and good thermal conductivity.

2. If moisture is released, the system will alarm in advance, making it safer and more secure.

3. The fire resistance is good, so when there is an alarm, there will be time to deal with the accident.

4. Make the coil clay into a tapered shape, which can reduce friction and extend the use time.

5. Although the one-time cost ofcoil grout is high, it has a long service life and can be partially repaired, so the overall cost is reduced.

In addition, the coil putty has good viscosity and is very convenient for modification. The smooth surface formed by the coating on the coil can buffer the expansion and contraction of the working lining. In addition, coil mud can also effectively prevent the leakage of molten metal and protect the coil from breakdown by molten metal. Coil mastic is designed with fire resistance, workability, and insulation in mind. Thecoil grout uses imported high-quality calcium-aluminum refractory cement as a binding agent, which greatly improves the fire resistance and high-temperature strength, protects and prevents coil ignition, and extends the service life of the coil.


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