Casting Powders

Casting powder is an essential component during continuous casting of steel. It allows for creation of a lubricating film over mould surface that prevents solidifying metal to adhere to the mould. This means that molten metal can solidify quickly and easily without any impurities sticking to it. Casting powders play an important role in the surface quality of the steel product and in the overall efficiency of the continuous casting process. These powders have a critical influence on the heat transfer from the strand to the mould, the solidification process and the mould lubrication.

Continuous casting mould powders are used primarily to facilitate the passage of liquid steel through the mould of the continuous casting machine. It is also known by several other names such as mould powder, casting powder, mould flux, mould flux slag, or mould flux powder.

Casting Powders Function:

The function of the casting powder in the continuous casting of steel is very complex. The casting powders first act as mould-release agents or as lubricants between the mould and the billet of steel. They also serve to cover the surface of the steel bath on the mould to prevent the surface oxidation of the steel bath due to the entry of atmospheric oxygen and further to reduce the heat loss from the surface of the steel bath. Thus, the flow bahavior of the casting powder is determinant with regard to the properties of the lubricant required, as is the melting behavior of the powder when it has been applied to the surface of the steel bath.


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