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Wear mechanism of refractory materials for ladle lining (1)


1. Wear mechanism of main refractory materials for slag line

It can be said that the destruction of the slag line is the most common reason why the ladle cannot be used and needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Generally speaking, the operating conditions of the ladle are similar to the converter in two points, but worse than its conditions, mainly due to the larger oxidation and temperature fluctuation range. Carbon oxidation and slag erosion are two of the damages of the magnesia carbon brick lining during use. The most important reason. In fact, these two factors interact very strongly, and it is sometimes difficult to say which one is more harmful than the other. The wear mechanism of magnesia-carbon lining includes two aspects: the erosion of MgO-C bricks by substances includes two aspects: one is the melting loss of magnesia particles by slag, such as SiO2, CaO and other oxides and MO to form low-melting substances, which are banded by the slag. go. The second is that FeO in the slag oxidizes the C in the magnesia carbon brick, causing the brick structure to become loose. In addition, during the refining process of molten steel, argon blowing and stirring are carried out, and the molten steel and steel slag are mechanically washed, which intensifies the damage of the slag line. In addition to chemical attack, physical factors, such as vertical cracks and brick joints, often cause slag erosion, which results in early damage to the slag line and limits its service life.

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