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VOD lining working conditions(2)


4) The required heat preservation time is too long:

After the entire refining and cooling, the reheating time reaches about four and a half hours, and the temperature of the furnace lining will increase as a result. It will also cause the refractory bricks to be more severely corroded and penetrated.

5) Intermittent operation results in a strong thermal shock effect:

During smelting, the furnace lining will undergo rapid cooling and heating changes, causing damage to the charge due to explosion and thermal spalling.

6) High temperature:

The application of submerged arc heating makes the refractory bricks in the slag line part have a much higher temperature than other parts. The fluidity of the slag, the erosion of the acid slag on the refractory bricks and the high temperature operation will bring huge damage to the refractory bricks. . Because of the instability of the submerged arc heating method, sometimes "hot spots" appear on the sidewall of the ladle.

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