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Prevention of collapse of EAF roof(2)


3. Maintain and use the equipment well. a. Check the leaking points, and do three checks: check before loading, check before oxidation, check before tapping, and deal with the leaks in time; b. Replace the furnace cover. The pressure inside the furnace is large, and the high temperature will corrode the furnace wall. To ensure that the furnace cover can withstand the greater pressure in the furnace, the furnace cover inspection must be strengthened, especially when the furnace cover is used to the later stage, the furnace cover is seriously corroded and must be replaced .

It should be particularly emphasized here that the prevention of furnace cover collapse accidents is to "prevent", and the other is to "avoid". "Prevention" means taking effective measures to prevent the occurrence of furnace cover collapse accidents. "Avoid" is to avoid casualties. It is necessary to keep the operating activities in front of the furnace, the materials are placed neatly, and there is enough space for activities and safety distances; when loading or tapping, the operator should stand in a safe position; pay attention during operation, and when running in the furnace In the event of a big fire, the on-site personnel must give way in time.

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