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Prevention of collapse of EAF roof(1)


Among the causes of explosion accidents, material factors such as airtight containers or bombs mixed in the charge; excessive CO emissions in the furnace are operating factors; and equipment factors are mainly caused by water leakage in the furnace wall or severe corrosion of the furnace cover. The prevention of furnace cover collapse accidents is to start from eliminating the explosion factors in the furnace, strictly controlling the steel material ingredients; eliminating the CO explosion conditions; maintaining and inspecting the equipment.

1. To properly control the ingredients of steel materials, it is necessary to start with the three links of scrap purchase, acceptance into the factory, and sorting before ingredients, and strictly control, to prevent bombs and airtight containers from entering the furnace. In particular, it is necessary to sort the ingredients before they are ready. This is the last pass to prevent explosives from entering the furnace.

2. To eliminate the co-explosive conditions, start with the process and add an appropriate amount of inert gas to the furnace gas or molten steel. In addition, we must start with the operation. First of all, the amount of bottom lime before charging should be ensured to ensure proper alkalinity in the slag after melting; secondly, when the slag is found to emit white smoke at the end of melting and the initial stage of oxidation, slag replacement operation should be carried out to increase the content of CaO in the slag . When the slag is too thick, dilute the slag in time to increase the permeability of the slag, so that the CO in the molten steel can rise evenly. Again, change the seat frequently when blowing oxygen. Cut the easy-to-collapse furnace material to prevent the material from collapsing. During the oxidation period, the amount of ore and the temperature of ore should be controlled, and low-temperature ore addition or excessive ore addition is prohibited.

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