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Introduction of Changxing Refractory self-flow castable


According to the solid theory and the actual service condition of refractory material, Changxing Refractory developed the high-tech self-flow castables after a series of test. Without vibration, self-flow castables can be degassed and leveled by gravity and thereby become compact.

Those refractory products have the following advantages: Good flow ability, suitable setting times, labor-saving, high-strength, long service life, good insulation, high temperature resistance, superior resistance to thermal, and good erosion-corrosion resistance.

These refractory products can be applied in all areas where applications require low cement, ultra-low cement and non-cement castables. The corundum based self-flow castable is widely used in ladle bottoms, around the seating block, and EAF roof filling. Both mullite based and alumina-based ones can be applied for the ladle and tundish safety linings. These products can also be installed by pumping. Self-flow castable are also available for reheat furnace applications.

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