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Factors that affect price of high alumina refractory bricks


1.Aluminum content.
Alumina content of Alumina content of 60%-75%; III-Al2O3 content of 48/60%, generally speaking, the content of aluminum oxide content of Al 2 O 3 is divided into three grades.

Alumina content of high alumina brick in more than 48% of the material is neutral refractory brick manufacturers. From bauxite or other alumina content of the higher raw materials formed and calcined. High thermal stability, refractory bricks refractoriness above 1770 degrees celsius. Slag resistance is good for masonry electric furnace, glass melting furnace, cement rotary furnace lining. The product has high-temperature creep, corrosion resistance, thermal shock stability, etc., suitable for large and medium-sized hot stove.

2. High alumina brick performance is an important factor in the price of high alumina brick:
A. Refractoriness.
B. Load softening temperature.
C. Slag resistance.

3. Shape of high-alumina brick
High-alumina brick size is generally divided into national standard, shaped, specific type. GB size fixed, manufacturers can mass production, so the price is relatively low; and shaped, specific size and shape is not fixed, in addition to general purpose shaped brick, the general need for enterprise customization, so the price is relatively high.

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