Frequently occurring problems in the operation of tundish slide gate plate

The slide gate plate can be changed during the pouring process according to the need of pouring steel, which ensures the stability of the pouring draw rate and the quality of the steel stream. With the change of continuous casting technology, the qualification rate of slide gate has also been improved. However, the following problems occurred in the tundish slide gate palte operation.

1. In the case of normal pouring operation in the workshop, due to the tundish slide gate plate can not be realized completely self-opening, so the pulling speed is not uniform, self-opening flow pulling speed is generally in the 2.6-2.8m/min and the diversion of the steel flow pulling speed is in the 2.9-3.1 m/min or greater, the pulling speed of the uneven operation has brought about a certain degree of difficulty, which results in the damage to the speed of the water outlet. This leads to the speed of the damage of the nozzle, so that the cost has been increased.


Tundish nozzles in the open casting of the self-opening is very important, in the production of self-opening water mouth found to be more stable pulling speed, pouring time is long, and the steel flow is more smooth, billet casting quality is also better.

Ladle Slide Gate
Slide Gate Mechanism

2.Slide the gap between the upper and lower sliding gate plate , there will be a broken pouring problem, serious may lead to the middle package to go car problem, make continuous casting interruption, affecting the normal output. The reason for the problem may be some packet cover long-term use, above will remain a lot of sticky slag, in the role of suction equipment, will make the sticky slag blocking the nozzle, or even directly lead to the damage of the nozzle.


Strictly control the quality of the tundish and ensure the cleanliness of the caps.

3.After the opening of the large package, steel into the tundish flow, due to the heat absorption of the middle package to reduce the temperature of steel, low-temperature steel into the mouth of the water solidification caused by the cold steel clogging the mouth of the water. The reason is that the steel in the flow.

The reason is that the steel in the flow In the process, due to the tundish of large amounts of heat absorption and rapid cooling, gear steel ring is too short to cause the steel in the downstream flow is not enough static pressure and temperature, and the mouth of the water freezes inside the cold steel so that the flow can not be self-opening, forced to use the oxygen gun diversion, resulting in clogging.


In order to avoid cold steel nozzle clogging, in addition to ensuring a reasonable temperature of the open pouring steel, the height of the retaining ring above the nozzle should also be raised appropriately.

Tundish Nozzle
Tundish Nozzle

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