Development of ladle lining spray paint flame gunning technology

Under the action of the high temperature of the refractory lining wall, the fluxing agent in the gunning material makes the gunning material that has reached the surface change from solid powder at room temperature to a high-temperature molten state, adheres to the surface of the inner lining, and is very easy to absorb The surface is then gunned with new gunning material.

During each working interval of the ladle, flame gunning can be carried out repeatedly, so that the refractory inner lining of the ladle can be maintained comprehensively and routinely, prolonging its service life. Flame gunning can also repair partially damaged ladle refractory lining, or increase the thickness of refractory lining in a key area, and eliminate hidden dangers and possible accidents in refractory lining.

Advantages of flame gunning of ladle refractory lining:

  1. The gunning material has a high adhesion rate, does not damage the substrate, and the gunning layer has good corrosion resistance to high-temperature molten metal. The new gunning layer does not require maintenance.
  2. When flame gunning the refractory lining at the bottom of the ladle, open the airflow in the ladle purging plug. At the airflow outlet of the purging plug, the gunning material will form a honeycomb mushroom-shaped refractory lining with good air permeability, so as to prevent the breathable brick from being affected by steel. The erosion of liquid, the number of times of use of breathable bricks can be increased to synchronize with the life of refractory lining.
  3. Flame gunning increases the service life of the ladle refractory lining with LF refining function to at least 200 furnaces, and greatly reduces the number of repeated demolition and masonry of the ladle refractory lining. The mechanized operations of daily flame gunning can replace the current operations that require a lot of manpower and material resources to dismantle and build ladle refractory linings.
  4. A large number of low-end unshaped refractory materials that have only undergone primary processing are used as gunning materials, which can meet the requirements of flame gunning for the refractory lining of ladles, and will undoubtedly greatly reduce the number of types and specifications of steel ladles that have been finished and high-end The use of refractory lining bricks.
  5. In the iron and steel smelting, LF refining and casting process, the material consumption of the refractory lining of the ladle results in higher costs. After the flame gunning is implemented, the required cost is reduced to 1/2~1/3, which is obvious reduce the cost per ton of steel for steelmaking.
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