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The application and advantage of magnesia alumina spinel


The bauxite-based sintered magnesia-alumina spinel is made of high-quality bauxite with a content of more than 76% of Al203 and high-quality light burned magnesium powder with over 95% MgO content, after multi-stage homogenization process, sintering in the ultra-high temperature tunnel kiln in 1800 centigrade above. With large bulk density, high content of mineral phase, good grain development, uniform structure, and stable quality.

Magnesia alumina spinel has good performance of anti-erosion, corrosion, peeling ability, anti-slag performance, anti-erosion ability, thermal shock stability and high temperature. It is the ideal raw material of magnesium aluminum spinel brick in cement rotary kiln high temperature zone, ladle lining brick, ladle castable, and other refractory products. Magnesium aluminum spinel is widely used in refractory materials, iron and steel smelting, cement rotary kiln and glass industry kiln.

Its main purposes are:
1. instead of magnesia chrome, produce magnesia alumina spinel brick for cement rotary kiln. Not only to avoid the chromium pollution, but also has good anti-spalling;
2. for the production of ladle castable, greatly increased corrosion resistance of steel plate lining, making it widely used in steel-making refractories.

High quality spinel provides new raw materials for the production of high purity unshaped and shaped refractories.

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