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The Application of Forsterite Coating Material in Tundish


    Forsterite uses natural olivine and medium grade and sintered magnesia as raw material, light burned magnesia powder, silica powder, Guangxi white mud, talc as binding agent and additives.
    It has been proved that the service life of forsterite coating material and magnesia coating material are almost the same, which is 10-14 hours. After 10-14 normal using in CCM, the sintered layer thickness is mostly less than 30mm, which is about 10mm less than that of magnesia coating material. It means the thermal insulation performance of forsterite coating material is better. It is not likely to be sintered with permanent layer, which is easy for separation between the two layers. During the drying and preheating stage, the carbonate and sulfate in the raw material are decomposed and evaporated, so there will be no hydrogen absorption, recarburation or resulfurization during the tapping of molten steel. There is a stable spinel adhesive layer formed after the forsterite coating material is in touch with molten steel, which can prevent secondary oxidation of molten steel.
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