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Ten Questions Needed to Note in Using Firebrick (2)


    5. Masonry should Not move Masonry fire insulation composite liners, should masonry hierarchical and segmentation, mixing is strictly prohibited mixed-layer Masonry, Masonry insulation lining also have to fill slurry full seam encountered when machining holes and welding parts to brick or board crevice use mud infill. Prohibition of arbitrary paved, mud everywhere, without leaving any gaps or practice. In the insulating layer, where the anchor is in the arch of the foot brick after brick, swelling around the holes and the contact areas and shall use brick masonry.
    6. Firebrick lining of the expansion joints must remain set according to the design, expansion joints shall be omitted from the width of the negative tolerance should not be left inside seam lumps of debris and use fire-resistant fiber will fill the joints, to avoid over the outer space phenomenon. Insulation layer is generally not to set expansion joints.
    7. Form an important part of the complex parts of the lining should be pre-masonry. The structure is extremely complex lining of the processing may be considered to use castable lining.
    8. Leaving in the brick lining of the exposed metal parts, including palm brick panels, brick retaining plates and other parts to use shaped bricks, castable refractory fiber or closed, may not be directly exposed to the hot gas kiln in use.
    9. Anchor brick of masonry brick structure, according to the design requirements to stay located not missed. Hanging around the hole may not use cracked anchoring tiles. Pieces of metal hooks to hang flat real. Hanging hole and hooks can not stuck, the gaps remain available refractory fiber infill.
    10. When capped brick Masonry, brick and curve fitting bricks, if original brick are not satisfied with the sealing requirements, use brick cutting machine cutting finishing not use manual processing tiles. Machining brick dimensions: the capping brick kiln and brick panels under the palm should not be less than 70% of the original brick; in joints and corners flat brick, brick shall not be less than the original 1/2 must use the original brick locking. Face of brick prohibited processing.
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