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Refractory Materials Used for Tundish Lining


    The most common lining material for tundish are tundish board, vibration mix and silica ramming mass, here are features of each refractory tundish lining material.
    1. Tundish board: Inconvenient transportation and construction, permanent layer required, service life is 8-10 hours.
    2. Vibration mix: Permanent layer required, service life is normally 8-10 hours.
    3. Silica ramming mass: Permanent layer not required, compact, service life can reach to 36-60 hours.
    From the features written above, we can see that the silica ramming mass is a more cost-efficient refractory product than the other two. If you are looking for refractory tundish lining material, Changxing Refractory suggests you using silica ramming mass.
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