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Open Egyptian Refractory Market with Our Best Sell Product -- Silica Ramming Mass


    As per invitation of Egyptian client, our sales manager and engineer went to Egypt on 4th December, 2015, and stay there for 2 weeks. Our clients steel plant is located in Giza city, about 1 hour far from Cairo. Out of space limit, our clients are using 3T induction furnaces now. They built the CCM in October and when our colleagues arrived there, the working condition was still very bad. Considering the heat consumption is very heavy when transporting melting steel from induction furnace to ladle and tundish, temperature of output melting steel should be as high as 1720-1740 degree centigrade. Sometimes the CCM did not work well, keeping melting steel temperature more than 2 hours was very frequent.
    This client bought 24 tons of our silica ramming mass in November. This product is our best sell during the past year 2015, which is mainly designed for induction furnace. When we helped the client do lining for their induction furnace, we could only make the lining thickness as thin as 80/110/200mm. Under this hard condition, our silica ramming mass successfully reached 15 heats. Furthermore, this product is also widely used for building lining of tundish and ladle. If any interests, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional team will give you more details.
    Await for your cooperation!
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