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Molding methods of refractories and widely used refractories


There are many refractory material molding methods, such as common molding method, vibration extrusion method, extrusion method, pounding method and so on.

At present, when it comes to the production of refractory materials, the most frequent way of molding refractory material is machine pressure molding method which is a way using brick molding machine and mold to compress the clay material into body. because the clay contains 5% water it is called semi-dry molding method. Machine molding is with compact structure, high strength, narrow drying and firing way, and size is also easy to control. It can be divided into the single side pressure, and double sides pressure which can reduce the phenomenon of layer density.

The common refractory material are AZS brick, corundum brick, magnesite chrome brick, directly silica carbide, silicon carborundum brick, nitrides, silicides, sulfide, boride, carbide and other non oxide refractories materials; Calcium oxide, chromium oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide and so on..

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