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Introduction of Runner castable


    Runner castable is a kind of special castable which can flow without vibration and deaerate. When constructing, the product only needs a little water and can be poured into any shape without vibration.
    Runner castable is made from low cement castable and super-low cement castable, which is made from refractory aggregate, powder and high effective dispersing agent. When manufactured the runner castable, the most important thing is how to control size and quantity of powder, and how to mix with dispersing agent. Only with reasonable proportioning, and runner castable can flow by itself.
    Compared with common castable, the runner castable hold following advantages.
1. The runner castable can run without vibration with the help of deadweight.
2. Can run to every depart, especially where common castable cannot reach.
3. Can reflect the best performance of castable.
4. Reducing constructing time and save labour force.
5. Decreasing noise as more as possible.
    Without outstanding advantages, and application of runner castable is very wide, which can be widely applied for tundish, EAF triangular area, molten steel taping hole, heating furnace, blast furnace iron runner, iron casting induction furnace and so on.
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